Some people have asked me directly if I am truly okay now. And surprisingly I am. Mostly. It’s only on days when I am not in alignment that I become off balance. I suddenly can hear your laughter when I wrote this down… (the synonyms and antonyms, I remember.)

When I saw this photo, I found comfort in the knowing that you are always with me…with us.  You are really never gone.  You have created ripples in the many lives that you have touched, hence, you will always be a part of us.

You should see your “artists” and how they have grown in so many ways! You would have been proud! And Siddhartha musical, it’s going places!

And I know you see me. How I am getting better and better everyday. Not perfect…but more trusting and more allowing. And less stubborn too. hehehe You would be happy to know that I am experiencing joy and peace more deeply…even in the midst of the ups and downs of life.

Yesterday, I found myself adding stuff in my dream book.  Yes! I remember how difficult it was for me to write what I wanted for myself before.  So this was a giant leap! Haha!  I am ever so grateful to those I connect with.  In my relating with them, I get to define myself over and over again.  It brings clarity when I need it the most.

There are many moments.  And I am learning that the value I give each moment will always be up to me.  Some moments may feel like pain…and I would intensely wish you were here to comfort me….and that is okay too.  But after the tears, I can let it go and remember to choose joy again.

“There is great love for you here,”Abraham-Hicks would always say.  I love hearing it.  Somehow it brings great comfort.  All is really well.

I read these words somewhere. Life isn’t a race. Find JOY in the journey. Life is after all a beautiful ride.



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